Babe n Bull

Well we’re a mid thirties couple from the Midlands in the UK. The past fourteen years we’re experimented with all kinds of kinky fun and have seen us have some wonderful experiences in the swingers scene. Now we’re enjoying sharing our exploration and adventures on here and twitter.
This tumblr, is mine, Babe . Bull has his own tumblr,           

Now a bit about me.  I’m not really that chatty unless I know you, I leave that to Bull. There’s plenty of pics of me so I don’t need to describe myself do I?
I should say straight from the start, I don’t do foreskins, sorry guys, nothing against you, they’re just not my thing. What is my thing? Hmmm, cocks, nice big cocks, I’ve got a long one at home, so fat circumcised cocks are a definite bonus, especially when attached to a reasonable body with a smile. I’ve also got a thing for lots of attention, I’ve had a bit but I do want more, yes I’m a bit of a greedy girl. I am Bi and on occasion I enjoy corrupting a girl as much as Bull does. I’ve also got a thing for tattoos and piercings, I love ‘em.
So that’s us, if you want to know more, just ask, we only bite when asked to ;o)
Babe n Bull